About Us

My name is A. Christi Johnson, the owner of MyJournee Health Career Prep, LLC. I developed a passion for the medical field and drawing blood (Phlebotomy) well over 25 years ago when my journey began. I spent a large portion of my career in the medical diagnostics industry, beginning as a front-line Phlebotomist. Over the years, as I have moved on from the clinical aspect of the field to administration & training, my admiration and respect for those on the front-line has continued and grown. I am aware of the hard work, dedication, and patience that it takes to be a great Phlebotomist. I am also aware of the lack of understanding and respect that Phlebotomists are subject to. I wanted to create a program that focuses on the key aspects of what it takes to become a GREAT Phlebotomist. We at MyJournee Health Career Prep, LLC ensure that our participants are knowledgeable and confident upon completion of our programs.

MyJournee Health Career Prep, LLC offers CPR training. CPR certification is a requirement for any position/organization in the medical field. Our experienced instructors are certified through the American Heart Association (AHA) as well as the American Red Cross. We are committed to teaching quality CPR and first aid.